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Elementary For Windows Updated To v1.1.7.0

Elementary for Windows has been updated to version


  • Added Japanese and Russian translations
  • Added a list of common isotopes for each element
  • Added settings for the subtext value and whether to show the controls
  • Fixed broken Wikipedia links
  • Enabled text selection for values
  • Added an About dialog with application information

Elementary For Windows Updated To v1.1.6.0

Elementary for Windows has been updated to version


  • Updated names and symbols for elements 113, 115, 117, and 118
  • Added buttons to zoom in and out
  • Added ComboBox to select what to display in each block in the Periodic Table view
  • Added ComboBox to set the coloring of the blocks from the Periodic Table view
  • Changed the label for Heat to Specific Heat
  • Fixed navigation to the details page from the list on smaller devices
  • Miscellaneous interface adjustments

Flavordex Source Code Released

The source code for the Android version of Flavordex has been released under the terms of the MIT License. The project is available at GitHub. If you want to contribute to the project or just see the code, head over to there.

Flavordex on GitHub

Update: The code for the backend server is also available on GitHub.

Update 2: Now the code for the Windows version of the app is available on GitHub.


Flavordex For Windows Updated To v1.1.1.0

Flavordex for Windows has been updated to version


  • Added more advanced searching
  • Added compatibility with CSV files created by older versions
  • Fixed crashes when importing CSV files
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and interface improvements

Get Flavordex For Free

As of today, the full version of Flavordex is a free application. You can install Flavordex on Android or Windows for free from any store that offers it.

Due to this change, Flavordex Lite has been discontinued. Users of Flavordex Lite are encouraged to upgrade to continue receiving updates.

Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Get it on Windows 10


Elementary For Windows Updated To v1.1.4.0

Elementary for Windows has been updated to version This adds French to the supported languages.


  • Added French translation (Poussinou)
  • Localized app name and description
  • Fixed text wrapping in the command bar